Out to Dinner

27th August 2018

Written by Morgan Pescheck

Erotica at Doxy  

Welcome to August's Edition of Erotica at Doxy

This month's story, Out to Dinner comes from Morgan Pescheck and is all about a very hot dinner date with a girl and her domme.

1, 2, 3

30th July 2018

Written by Eleanor

Erotica at Doxy  

Welcome to July's Edition of Erotica at Doxy

This month's story, 1, 2, 2 comes from Eleanor and is a sizzling male-female-male threesome story.


Party Nights - Kelvin Sparks

18th June 2018

Written by Kelvin Sparks

Erotica at Doxy  

Welcome to June's edition of Erotica at Doxy.

This month's story comes from Kelvin Sparks and is a sweetly hot story of a one night stand between a guy and a girl who both happen to be trans.

Read more here...

Builder - Girl on the Net

28th May 2018

Written by Girl on the Net

Erotica at Doxy  

The last in this month's Erotica at Doxy stories is from Girl on the Net.

Builder explores the thrill of voyeurism, whether you love watching or being watched you can read the full story here.

Roses and Figs

21st May 2018

Written by Tabitha Rayne

Erotica at Doxy  

Today's Erotica at Doxy story is from Tabitha Rayne.

Roses and Figs is a luscious lesbian love scene, read it here

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