Party Nights - Kelvin Sparks

18th June 2018

Written by Kelvin Sparks

Erotica at Doxy  

The first time outing myself as trans at a party is met with a quiet ‘me too’, it takes us all of ten minutes before we’re pressed up against the wall of the bathroom. Her hands curve around the back of my head, and even though I don’t have quite enough length for her to bury her fingers in my hair, she tries to.

Her name is Jeanette, or at least that’s what she told me when we first started flirting, tucked away into a corner just enough to have breathing space from everyone else, but not enough that we can’t hear the music any longer. Her name is Jeanette and she’s a designer (she’s thinking of switching to freelance), she has a streak of bright blue in her hair, she’s still ride or die for G.L.O.S.S, and no, she doesn’t care they disbanded.

And right now she’s pinned up against the wall of a bathroom that belongs to a friend of a friend, and she kisses me like she can’t believe it either. We kiss like we’re starving, noses brushing as we try to find the right angle, hands clasping at each other clumsily, and as I taste the sickly artificial sweetness of her lip balm, I realise I’ll never have tasted enough of it. One hand is on her hip and the other is cupping her cheek softly, pulling her into me. Even when we part lips, I still hold her close, watch the fluttering of her eyelashes against her cheek as we breath together, hot and heavy.

Roses and Figs

21st May 2018

Written by Tabitha Rayne

Erotica at Doxy  

Today's Erotica at Doxy story is from Tabitha Rayne - a luscious lesbian love scene

Selena closed one eye and held out her arm, focusing on the end of her paintbrush. The woman lying naked before her on the silk-covered chaise longue was unlike any of her other clients. Usually, when a woman came to her studio for a portrait, they would be nervous, birdlike, twittering with their hands trembling over buttons. Of course, Selena provided a screen and robe to preserve their modesty but still, most were self-conscious and hesitant.

Usually, Selena would discreetly leave to make coffee while they were changing, asking that they make themselves comfortable.

Rose had been different from the start. Before Selena could open the door fully, Rose had breezed past in her thick floor-length cashmere coat.

‘Where do you want me?’ she had declared and opened the coat to reveal a mass of naked flesh. Selena couldn’t help staring as Rose let the single garment slide off her beautifully rounded shoulders and fall to the ground. She stepped out of the bundle of fabric in her heels and walked past the easel and over to the chaise longue. ‘Will this do?’

Bitch - Ruth Douglas

14th May 2018

Written by Ruth Douglas

Erotica at Doxy  

Today's Erotica at Doxy story is by yours truly, Ruth Douglas, previously known as Ruby Kiddell in my erotica writer incarnation.

The story was written on request about sex with an unsuitable man and including a blindfold.

His breath was warm on my neck, it smelt of the peppermints he ate to disguise the smell of beer and cigarettes that went hand in hand with his job as bar manager.

I knew that he was a womaniser, everyone did.  I'd consoled friends with wine and chocolate when they realised they had only been Miss Right Now, but I’d still accepted his invitation.  As far as I was concerned he was another no-strings fuck for me, as much as I was for him, I didn't expect more than this night.  Funny thing was that, as he led me into the bar cellar and slipped the blindfold over my eyes I realised that even though we all knew the girls he had been with not one of them had ever said anything about how he fucked.

The Pick Up - Violet Fenn

7th May 2018

Written by Violet Fenn

Erotica at Doxy  

Today's Erotica at Doxy short story is from Violet Fenn and explores sex with a stranger.

“Shit!” I lost my footing on the bottom step and the pile of paperwork that I had wedged in my arms spilt across the polished concrete floor. Thank fuck no one was around to see. I scrabbled around on my hands and knees to pick the sheets up.

“Let me help,” a soft voice from close by. I looked up into bright blue eyes and a crinkly smile underneath a shock of dark hair. He bent to scoop up the papers that I’d missed, flushing as he read the advert on the top sheet.

‘Bondage for beginners?’ he asked, eyebrows raised. He wasn’t a conference delegate, then. I got to my feet in a rather ungainly manner and held my hand out. He passed me the sheets with a shy smile.


Machine - Girl on The Net

30th April 2018

Written by Girl on the Net

Erotica at Doxy  

Welcome to Erotica at Doxy - in the run-up to launching the monthly publishing programme we're featuring erotica from some of our favourite writers.

Today we're sharing a VERY hot story about sex machines by Girl on the Net.

They say that if you want something done properly you have to do it yourself, but I say if you want something done properly, you should investigate whether there's a machine that can do it more successfully than you can on your own. I am queen of the gadget, mistress of the toolbox, and my friends are sick of hearing my catchphrase 'y'know there's an app for that?'

I bought myself a fucking machine.  

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