Independent reviews of our products

Doxy Massager

Girl on the Net

“The Doxy Massager could sit on my sofa scratching its nutsack while I vacuumed under its feet and I’d still marry it”

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The Redhead Bedhead

“..orgasms are a hard-fought victory for me. They usually take a while to get to and there is no guarantee that they will come along at all. The first time I used the Doxy Wand I had 3 in 9 minutes.”

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Quietly Kinky

“With the Doxy I have had combined g-spot and clitoral orgasms, solely clitoral orgasms AND solely g-spot orgasms. The variation is awesome.”

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Reviews of the Doxy Die Cast

Cara Sutra

“It works for me, it’s gorgeous and easy to use – and gives you the choice to upgrade your Doxy experience to deluxe.”

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Emmeline Peaches

“..the Doxy Die Cast provides a valuable contribution to the world of wands and my orgasms are certainly richer for its creation.”

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Carnal Queen

“’ll fall in love at first orgasm – and believe me, that’ll be the first of many!”

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“But none of this negates the unmatched power of the Doxy Massager and unmatched rumbles of The Don. Both, I can now report, do glorious things to my clit.”

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Reviews of the Doxy Skittle

Modesty Ablaze

“As I unwound the Skittle and it’s controller and cord from the box, I was already vibrating and tingling with excitement and intrigue before I’d even plugged it in!”

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The Big Gay Review

“He shook and gasped out loud and then continued to moan and breath heavier with each passing moment.”

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Kinky Kitten

“ made me orgasm like a wand but better because I had that internal stimulation.”

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